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My novel is stronger for her expertise.

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"Lynne, thank you for your  advice and expertise while editing my short stories! Without a doubt, I am moving in the right direction! I look forward to working with you again in the very near future!"

Mary Stockland

author of Sunrise, Sunset


"Lynne was indispensable in helping me move forward with my first manuscript. I contacted Lynne when I found myself going in circles, unable to create new scenes or expand on my characters. I knew my characters needed rounding out and that my external conflicts were weak. Lynne made constructive suggestions and gave me "what if" scenarios to boost my imagination. She saw the possibilities of where my story could go, and focused on how to improve it to a publishable level. She not only wrote four pages of critiques and ideas, but sat down with me for an hour and discussed them in detail. I came away with the motivation to dive into the revision process with fresh ideas and a renewed confidence."

Lisa Knight

author of Sunset in El Sur


"Lynne was my editor, and I loved saying that, for my first nonfiction book Three. I appreciated her thorough process from the very beginning. She was quick to respond, accurate, and made wonderful suggestions. I could contact Lynne about anything and she would review everything I sent her way. Because of her process, I was able to locate problems with names and people in Three that needed a change. This is not a small task with a 346 page novel. Lynne made everything easy for me and even handled formatting issues with my designer Mike Inks. The entire editing process was perfect and Lynne was terrific. Thank you Lynne!

Lynn Brown

author of Three: From the Beginning to End


"I needed someone to edit my manuscript on two levels: for plot/character/pacing and also for grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Lynne took the time to go through my book, flag the “speed bumps” that would pull a reader out of the narrative and suggest possible alternatives, as well as note errors in mechanics. She was easy to work with and my novel is stronger for her expertise. Thanks, Lynne!”

Celeste Deveney
author of Three Days to Love

winner of the Joyce Henderson Writing Contest


 "Lynne not only has solid credentials, she brings her expertise as a voracious reader of young adult literature. She provides detailed line edits and gives expert support in identifying the positive aspects of the draft and what needs more attention. She is not looking for where the commas go, she is more interested in what a comma says."

Linda Thompson

author of Finding Amelia

SCBWI member


"The path to many a fine novel inevitably runs through an editor. Lynne's note to detail on my first effort provided valuable insight/suggestions as well as properly cleaning up all those little things I had unwittingly overlooked. Her effort contributed greatly in making my work publishable. I look forward to working with her again in the future."

M D Navalinski

author of The Manana Method


"Lynne did an excellent job editing my YA novel, Chasing Nirvana. Not only did Lynne comb through the manuscript for period details, geography, timeline, and vernacular continuity, as well as the usual grammar and typos, she suggested reordering scenes and honing dialogue. It made all the difference. I'm already talking to Lynne about my next manuscript."

Ellyn Oaksmith

USA Today Bestselling Author
author of 50 Acts of Kindness


 "Lynne saved the day with her sharp eye for detail. Her constructive feedback was insightful and much appreciated. An added bonus is her professional and friendly style."

Carmine Valentine

author of All Fired Up


"Lynne's professionalism and valid suggestions made me stand back from my manuscript with an objective eye and make it better. Offering subtle changes and finding obvious flaws, she has coaxed the best from me. I appreciated her care and understanding of my characters. I will definitely use her service again and wholeheartedly recommend her!"

Mary Jo Burke

USA Today Bestselling Author

author of Deadly Bubbles in the Wine