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I'm a reader, not a writer.

Clear, concise, correct, and consistent.

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A native of Canada, I live and work in the Kirkland area. I edit for both organizations and individual authors. I am a huge fan of the Oxford Comma.

Lynne Pearson

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I specialize in fiction, but am adept with memoirs and creative nonfiction as well. I consider myself to be a professional reader with a keen eye for detail. I work with authors to ensure that manuscripts are clear, concise, correct, and consistent. I evaluate manuscripts, do line editing and copy editing. I will cover big-picture issues such as chronology/timeline, pacing, point of view, and plot holes. I will then address issues such as grammar, spelling, and consistency. I will make sure that your villain does not start out with a knife and end up with a gun, unless of course, that is what you want.